Postal Address:

Twyford CofE High School
Twyford Crescent
W3 9PP

Phone: 020 8752 0141

The school office is open Monday - Friday 8am - 4.30pm

Email (all general queries including Attendance & Sixth Form): [email protected]

Elms Office Manager: Miss Emma O’Leary

Main Office & School Reception Services

Reception & Front Desk is the first point of contact for the following services:

  • General queries via external callers and emails ([email protected])
  • All visitors to the school (all visitors need to sign in at Reception - please read the visitor guidance)
  • Late registration and signing in and out for pupils
  • Exam Certificate collection for former students (by appointment only)
  • Lost Property services during break and lunchtime

Deliveries & messages for students during the school day

Please note that Reception staff must be stationary and are unable to leave the Front Desk to pass messages and/or deliver items to pupils throughout the school day.  As office staff support over 1600 students and up to 200 staff throughout the school day as well as carrying out Welfare and First Aid duties supporting students with severe medical needs, the Front Desk will only accept items if a student knows it's being delivered in advance and will collect it at Reception themselves.

If you wish to pass a message on to your child, we advise contacting their form tutor or their classroom teachers by email as we cannot guarantee the delivery of messages.

If your child has forgotten their school lunch, they can see their Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year who will make arrangements to ensure they are able to receive a lunch from the school cafeteria.


There is no on-site parking for parents/carers or visitors during the day or after school.  If you have special requirements please contact the Office at [email protected].

Visitor Procedure

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GCSE and/or A Level Certificate Collection long after the respective Results Day

Former students or external exam candidates who who have taken public exams at Twyford and have not collected their GCSE and/or A Level Certificates on their respective Results Day can make arrangements for collection by emailing [email protected]

Examination certificates retention:

  • The school is only able to keep exam certificates for two academic years (they must then be disposed of securely)
  • Presently Twyford is retaining the following examination certificates: 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 with 2021-2022 expected to arrive in December 2022
  • If your exam certificates were from before 2019-2020 academic year, Twyford no longer has them in archiving and you will have to contact Mr Stanton, Examinations Officer by email ([email protected]) to enquire on how to re-order your certificates; there is a fee for the re-printing of certificates

Making an appointment for collection:

  • An appointment for certificate collection must always be arranged in advance
  • Certificates are stored in a safe and need to be pulled from archiving each morning ahead of a scheduled collection
  • We cannot guarantee certificate collection for visitors without appointments; if we are able to accommodate same-day requests, there may be a wait time of up to two hours
  • If you miss your appointment slot certificates cannot be kept out – certificates must be returned securely to the safe and a rescheduled appointment must be made
  • Collection times are in typically in between 9:30am to 12:30pm

Organising for collection (including on behalf of a former student):

  • GCSE and A Level Certificates are the legal property of the person (former Twyford student) whose name is listed on the certificate
  • Twyford students must therefore email their written consent to [email protected] including the full name of the person (i.e. parent/carer/sibling/friend) collecting certificates on their behalf
  • Former students and/or the person collecting their certificates must bring two forms of identification, including one form of photographic identification – otherwise we will not be able to release their certificates

Please do email [email protected] first for confirmation of whether or not we have your certificates and to book an appointment for collection.


Headteacher: Mr Mark Bedford

Email[email protected]

Key Staff

Departmental Contacts

Student Services - [email protected]

Learning & Inclusion - [email protected]

Music College - [email protected]

Mrs Magdalina Tromans

C/O Mrs V Drake, Senior Clerk to Directors and Governors
Twyford CofE Academies Trust
Twyford CofE High School
W3 9PP

Email: [email protected]

School SENCO - Mr Declan McCloskey

Email: [email protected]


Twyford CofE Academies Trust

Twyford CofE High School
W3 9PP

Phone: 0208 752 0141


If you have any enquiries about our facilities please email [email protected].

Twyford CofE Academies Trust

Twyford CofE high School
W3 9PP

Phone: 020 8752 0141

Email: [email protected]


Please contact [email protected] if you have a Safeguarding concern.

Information relating to Safeguarding can be found on our website - Safeguarding.


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Twyford Trust Chaplaincy

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