Parents and Carers will be expected to comply with all national regulations regarding student attendance and punctuality. Absences must be reported on a daily basis to the school office via email [email protected].

If a child is absent from school for a justifiable reason, e.g. illness or medical appointment, their parent/carer must email [email protected] or ring school on each morning of absence (Option 2). If you know in advance that your child is going to be away e.g. medical appointment, you should email as above or you can write a letter giving the reason and details, for the Head of Year to sign and authorise. All unjustified absences will be investigated.

All students must sign out at reception before leaving the premises. If students are returning to school later on, they must sign back in at reception. It is your child's responsibility to report to Reception at the correct time in order to be signed out as Reception staff are not able to collect students from class.


Students should be in their form room or assembly no later than the beginning of their AM registration time. Students will be marked in ‘late’ if they arrive after the start time provided on their timetable. If students arrive late for school they must make sure that they are marked present as follows:

  • During AM registration time go straight to tutor/assembly to be signed in late
  • After registration period ends, go to the main reception desk to be signed in late
  • Punctuality is an important expectation of students and therefore, when students are late they receive two negative conduct points which results in a daily detention at lunch time the next day.

Planned Leave of Absences

Any planned leave of absences must be reported by completing a Leave of Absence Form, which needs to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the absence. Applications for a leave of absence will be reviewed and authorised by the Senior Deputy Headteacher (Years 7-11) and the Head of Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13).

Leave of Absence Form

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Leave of Absence Form for Sixth Form

Leaving Twyford

Parents/Carers must comply with the 'Children missing in education' guidance by informing the school of plans to change school. The following Leaving School Form must be complete and submitted to the school.

Leaving School Form

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