Both Winner and Highly Commended photos were on show in different categories. Favourites among students included photos in the Urban Wildlife section, for example, ‘School Visit’, which depicted a red fox in an abandoned classroom after a nuclear disaster. The floor was concealed by a sea of rusting gas masks, yet the fox strolled proudly above. The under 15’s entries were also interesting as they inspired pupils to think about the wildlife around them, and if perhaps one day they too could produce a stunning photograph that captures wildlife perfectly like those of the exhibition.

The photos on display weren’t just impressive to look at, but some had a deeper meaning too. Many students felt emotionally moved by the images, and were forced to think about human impact on the world. ‘Bed of Seals’ Showed many Crabeater seals cramped on to one small melting iceberg. If sea ice continues to decline, Crabeater seals could be at risk of extinction.

Of course, no Twyford School Trip is complete without a complex and thorough worksheet provided on this occasion by Miss Simpson. Students were asked intriguing questions such as ‘Which animal would you be of all those in the exhibition?’ or whether having David Attenborough Commentate on their life for a month was worse than having in an embarrassing photo displayed of them in the exhibition. Some students decided to spend their time recreating the photos artistically. Leika in 10T drew some particularly amazing studies of the photos.

And finally, arguably the best part of any exhibition, the gift shop. Every student received a postcard of one of the amazing exhibition photos. My personal choice was ‘Inner Fire’, a deep purple erupting volcano. Overall, the trip was most definitely a success, leaving pupils inspired as young photographers.

By Eloise Pearce, 10D